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Welcome to AvantazhWelcome to Avantazh


Avantazh Group started its business operations in 1998 and today is the leading real estate development company in Eastern Ukraine.

The Group was instrumental in reviving the construction sector in Kharkiv, the second largest city of Ukraine with the population around 1.5 million people. Following the breakup of the USSR, we were the first in Kharkiv to engage in implementation of commercial development projects. At the same time, Avantazh has come to lead the high-rise construction trend in the city and is preserving its leading positions in this field to this day.

Are we young? Well, compared to European colleagues, we, probably, are. However, we are one of the most experienced companies among all Ukrainian development. Our portfolio contains a sufficient number of successfully completed projects, which can vindicate this statement.

In ten years, Avantazh has turned into a powerful player on the real estate market. It is not only us who should be credited with this achievement, but also those companies with which we are jointly creating a new image of the independent Ukraine. Cherishing these relations, we have always been and will be grateful to our partners.

We will look forward to seeing you in that number!

A. Denysenko: 'I beleive that market of development for third-party is perspective'Welcome to Avantazh


A new tendency has appeared at the development market. The matter is developers started suggesting project development services to other companies. Mostly they are major developers which have formed high professional crews. Now these companies can cover their own projects along with meeting the demand at the market of Kharkiv and Ukraine. Avantazh Group is one of these developers.

Anatoliy Denisenko, the President of Avantazh Group: 'Avantazh orhas stored huge experience in the development for 12 years of working at the market. And today we are ready to share it, so we offer development services. It takes years to get the experience of being effective in the development. So why make your own mistakes when there are professionals - just come to them and get the result. That's what we are providing.' Read more...