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Avantazh Group started its business operations in 1998 and today is the leading real estate development company in Eastern Ukraine. The Group was one of the first to develop modern commercial and residential properties in Kharkiv, the second largest city in Ukraine with the population around 1.5 million people.

Avantazh develops, constructs, owns, leases, manages and sells the vast majority of residential real estate and commercial real estate in Kharkiv, as well as develops projects in Yalta, Evpatoria, Feodosia, cities in Crimea, on the north coast of the Black Sea. For the past ten years, Avantazh received notable recognition as a top real estate developer. The Group has extensive experience in developing real estate properties having commissioned and sold thirteen residential complexes with total gross area of 180,000 sq m, business-center and three shopping centers in the central part of Kharkiv City.

Since its establishment, the Group has developed extensive contacts among local and foreign developers, contractors, architects and suppliers. Avantazh established also excellent working relationships with municipal officials in Kharkiv, which is partially attributable to its policy of compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Experience, market knowledge and network of contacts are particularly important as the process of developing property in Ukraine is complex and requires numerous approvals from multiple administrative authorities. This strong name recognition and reputation enables the Group to attract major buyers to residential properties and tenants to its office and shopping centers.

Avantazh Group has organised its overall business into the following two business segments:

Residential properties

This segment focuses on residential buildings and large residential areas in Kharkiv. Most of the buildings are large high-rise apartment complexes with a high number of residential units. Insignificant areas in the most of residential buildings are designed as administrative and/or commercial space. Typically, Avantazh develops and constructs the buildings with a view to selling all of the residential units to private individuals, who will own and reside in such apartments. With respect to common areas and administrative space, the Group typically continues to hold and manage it both for held and sold residential properties. 

Commercial properties 

This segment focuses on office buildings and shopping centres, all of which are located in Kharkiv. It is indended that shopping centres will contain a variety of clothing stores, food and specialty retailers and leisure facilities, such as cinemas, food courts, restaurants while some of the shopping centers may also contain office units. Typically, the Group develops and constructs commercial properties with a view to holding and managing them. However, in the future the Avantazh Group may consider the options of selling its shopping centers as entire business to institutional investors. 

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