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The population of Kharkiv region has reached almost 2.8 million people

Published on 20/02/2009

2 million 782.4 thousand people – this is the population of Kharkiv region as of January 1, 2009, according to the information by the official website of the regional state administration. The urban population constitutes 2 million 221.5 thousand, while that of ... Read full

Euro-2012: UEFA will loosen up on its requirements for the hotels

Published on 09/02/2009

President of Football Federation of Ukraine Grigory Surkis is sure UEFA will review some attitudes as to hotels’ star level, needed for Ukraine to host Europe Championship.During his visit to Dnepropetrovsk Grigory Surkis stated crisis in Ukraine exists and it ... Read full

UEFA General Secretary pleased with Kharkov’s preparation

Published on 07/02/2009

David Taylor is impressed with Kharkov’s organizational level for hosting Europe Football Championship 2012 matches. At the meeting with municipal and regional authorities on Tuesday Mr. Taylor claimed: “Delegation members and I are really impressed ... Read full

A new Law of Ukraine has been recently adopted to prevent the negative impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the development

Published on 03/02/2009

Legal AlertOn 14 January 2009, the Law of Ukraine On the Prevention of the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Development of the Construction Industry and Residential Construction (the “Law”) entered into force. The Law aims at the support of the ... Read full