• 20-С Kultury Str., 61058 Kharkiv, Ukraine
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Our ProjectsOur Projects

With 21 properties at different stages of development and construction with total GBA over 1.1 mln sq m (over 12 mln sq ft), Avanatazh Group is the leading real estate development company in Kharkiv and one of the leading developers in Ukraine. 

Avantazh Group’s property portfolio includes properties in operation, under construction, under development, and properties held for development. In particular, the Group currently has fifteen properties in operation, six properties under construction, ten properties under development, and five properties held for development.

The Group’s current real estate activities comprise the following:

  • Residential complexes
  • Office properties
  • Mixed-use properties

Real estate portfolio includes properties at various stages of development categorized into the following four groups:

  • Properties under project development
    This group includes properties at any stage after the architectural and planning assignment is issued and until the construction permit is issued by the local architectural control authorities.
  • Properties held for development
    This category comprises pipeline deals, i.e., property at any stage starting from the time when either ownership or land lease rights are secured for the to-be-developed land plot and until the architectural and planning assignment with respect to the property is approved and issued by the local department for architecture and construction


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