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Investment OpportunityInvestment Opportunity

We offer to invest with these opportunities:

Participation in JV as strategic partner

We offer joint participation in projects in the form of a JV, with partners involved on a parity basis as shareholders. The purpose of setting up a JV is for the partners to jointly develop projects, with Avantazh Group as the developer and the partner providing financing. When the development stage of the project is completed, the partners can agree that the partners exit the project, either one or both, or continue to exploit the objects jointly.

Acquisition of completed objects

This form of cooperation includes the option of buying completed objects on pre-agreed terms.

Forward contract for unfinished objects

This form of cooperation offers the opportunity to contract a forward operation to acquire unfinished objects. The potential buyer indicates interest in acquiring an unfinished object on pre-agreed terms and conditions and pays for part of the value (up to 50%) up front or ensures the further financing of construction, while the seller takes upon itself the commitment to complete the construction and sell the ready property on the pre-agreed terms.

Debt financing

This kind of cooperation involves bank financing for a project without the right to turn over part-ownership in the object to the party providing the financing. 

Mezzanine financing

In this kind of cooperation, the partner has the opportunity to provide project financing by issuing debt papers with the right to convert the debt into hares of a specific, identified project on terms that the parties have pre-agreed. 

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